Our History

Welcome to a new approach to youth soccer

Chances are that you arrived at this website because you’ve experienced a level of frustration and bamboozlement at the cost of competitive youth soccer and are in desperate search for something to fill the gap without breaking the bank – welcome!

Founded in 2019, Matthews Mavericks is focused on offering playing opportunities at recreational and competitive levels for FREE!





noun: maverick; plural noun: mavericks

  1. 1.an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

The idea began a loooong time ago, but really hit home in 2017 after the US Mens National team failed to qualify for the Russia World Cup. All those players. All those resources. Zero excuses. Something must be wrong with the system.

As a lifelong soccer enthusiast, and having coached youngsters for close to 20 years, it baffled me that the 6 and 7yr old players I was currently helping out did not have an affordable playing option, especially once they reached a certain ability level.  It seemed that the better a youngster was, the wealthier he/she better hope his/her parents were. “It’s just the way it is” seemed to be the general response to my asking of questions….and that just does not sit right with me.

The reason soccer is by far and away the most popular global sport is a very simple one….it’s accessible.  No matter where you live in the world.  No matter your ability.  No matter your age, race, gender, religious beliefs, or perceived social class.  Soccer is a sport for all, and as a vehicle it brings more people together than anything else I’ve personally experienced.

Matthews Mavericks intends to help change the mindset of local youth soccer.  Money shouldn’t be a hurdle.  If the rest of the world finds a way to play, I’m pretty sure we can figure it out here in the US.  Crazy, right?