COMPETITIVE (taking the next step for the players ready for higher level play)

The natural progression of the Maverick program – some truly talented youngsters will be given the chance to play in the Carolina Champions League against some of the best youngsters in the area, and attend local tournaments.

Here are some of the key Questions & Answers for the Competitive program:

We are proud to announce that with the incredible success of our past season, means we are now able to offer 10 competitive teams for the Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 season:
  • Boys born 2010 – will play 11v11 in the u14 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Boys born 2011 – will play 11v11 in the u13 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Boys born 2012 – will play 9v9 in the u12 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Boys born 2013 – will play 9v9 in the u11 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Boys born 2014 & 2015 – will play 7v7 in the u9/10 Carolina Champions League division
  • Girls born 2010 – will play 11v11 in the u14 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Girls born 2011 – will play 11v11 in the u13 Carolina Champions League competitive bracket
  • Girls born 2012 & 2013 – will play 9v9 in the u11/12 Carolina Champions League division
  • *roster flexibility allows players to move between older and younger teams as their personal progression requires
    To ensure a successful season, we want to continue to focus on limiting the pool of players. With additional teams comes additional cost and logistical issues. We are deliberately small in order to offer a high quality program for these youngsters at no cost to their families.
    Unfortunately, given our unique approach we are only able to offer limited spaces within our program – the current focus is on players aged 7-13yrs old, and the earliest additions (if any) would be in Fall 2024.
    Time is valuable, and family time even moreso. Soccer should not be all encompassing at this age. By joining the Mavericks competitive teams, you are committing to just one night per week of formal team training (currently Mondays from 5:30-7:30pm) as well as local league games on weekends in the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. You then have optional pick-up soccer on Friday evenings. There will be additional opportunities for extra training and tournaments / friendlies, as desired, but not required.
    Training on Monday nights will be at a shared facility in or around the Matthews area (for the current season we have secured Matthews Sportsplex).  Pick up Fridays will be at a local field also (for the current season we use Davie Park in Matthews) .  Games on weekends will be held primarily at the Matthews Sportsplex facility, but are ultimately at the league’s discretion.  The Fall season will run from late August/early September thru mid-December.
    YES - April 24th at Matthews Sportsplex, field 11. 5pm-6:15pm for players born 2012-2015 6:30pm-8pm for players born 2010-2011 You MUST pre-register as there are very limited spots available. Full details and registration link can be found at
    Nope! We have the Recreational program for all players of all abilities, and is going to remain a foundation of all that is good about the Maverick experience. However, even though we offer limited training days and team numbers, this competitive side of the club will be made up of the better players in each age group who have shown the capability to represent the club vs. local teams, with the intention to be successful in the higher level league setting. Lower cost does not mean lower quality!
    You can contact Jonny Sinclair (phone: 607-483-0251 / email: or simply express your interest in person at a Friday night pick- up session. Teams will be announced in May, ahead of August training start-date.
    FREE!!  The goal of the club is to offer affordable playing opportunities to local youngsters.  Competitive soccer should not be just for those who can afford it.  The following basics are covered:
  • – League play on weekends in the Carolina Champions League (
  • – Team training once a week (2hrs+, Monday)
  • – Playing uniform
  • – Pick-up (all levels) on Friday evenings
  • Hard work and generosity. We have a dedicated group of parents and volunteers who focus on helping to raise funds for the club. As a small club, focused on the youngest age groups, we are able to be flexible, and we also are extremely picky about the costs associated with the program, and limit them wherever possible. The current directors and coaching staff are all heavily involved in the local adult soccer scene and receive tremendous support for their efforts in giving back to the community.
    That is a decision to be made between the coach and their individual teams. Anything over and above what is listed as the basics covered will require payment from the team as a group. For example, tournament entry, field rental for additional training, additional clothing, etc.
    If you’re looking for 4x per week and expecting turf training facilities, along with full-time professional coaching staff, and multiple out-of-state tournaments, then we recommend a local ‘bigger’ club, such as the Charlotte Eagles.
    There will be a scholarship pool of funds to assist those players and parents who don’t want to miss out on some of the extra-curricular team activities, over and above the basic offering.  NO CHILD will have cost be a hurdle for a fun soccer experience.
    Ha! Let’s talk about that. We’re not offering that. This isn’t a move to make just to help with your resume. However…if you want your kid to really learn about the game, enjoy it, and become a life-long fan of the sport, then I can assure you that you’re in the right place – we have you covered.
    We feel very fortunate to have some of the most experienced and passionate coaches around.  Most of whom have played at a very high competitive level (including professional / MLS / international), most STILL PLAY, and have kids in the program.  Many have left paid coaching positions in order to volunteer their time and efforts to growing the Maverick program.
    The vision of Matthews Mavericks is to offer a truly different soccer experience for talented youngsters. If you truly know the game, are passionate about it, and are willing to simply give back to the sport that has given you so much, then yes, let’s talk! Coaches are not paid….the reward is paying it forward.
    YES!! Absolutely!!  Please do!!  Matthews Mavericks is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which relies completely on donations.  While the program is FREE to kids, there are obviously numerous costs involved in running the club, e.g. League entry, referee fees, training field rental, insurance, uniforms, equipment, registration, marketing, etc.  If you would like to contribute, or know someone who would, that would be a tremendous help (no matter the amount). Perhaps you’re a local business owner who would like to sponsor a team for the season?  Please contact Jonny Sinclair (phone: 607-483-0251 / email: