For the full Maverick story you have to go all the way back to 1998, with the formation of the Richmond Mavericks. Based in North Yorkshire, England, a team of teenagers were put together to compete in local men’s leagues…two decades and 1,000s of miles later, the underlying spirit of the Tangerine Dream lives on.

20th anniversary

Richmond Mavericks FC was formed in the summer of 1998. Two teachers, both coaching teams at the town’s secondary school, saw a lack of opportunity to play organised football for the many enthusiastic youngsters passing their way. Football is a simple game and the ethos behind the club was also simple – placing the emphasis on enjoying the game and the camaraderie and memories it can create for those who love playing it. Over the past twenty years Richmond Mavericks has been lucky enough to win a few trophies, but that has always felt like a byproduct rather than the rationale for the club. The realisation that the memories and friendships made on and off the pitch will shine for far longer than any medal, is one that takes a while to dawn on younger players. Taking the game, but not themselves too seriously, has always been the most sought after quality in potential Maverick signings. This spirit was always evident in the club’s adventures in the leagues around the north-east of England. However, the hospitality afforded to the club on tours to Europe, and onwards into more exotic locations such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia provided evidence that this footballing camaraderie is indeed global. From Kathmandu to Zurich the memories and friendships created are ones which will literally last a lifetime. Richmond Mavericks celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2018 with a match between the present team and the team of 1998. Players flew in from various parts of the globe to be part of a special day for a club which is small but significant to many. The match finished 2-2, but in the true tradition of the club that was soon forgotten. Sitting under uncommonly perfect blue skies the tall tales of the past were told while as the sun went down evermore unrealistic next chapters of the tangerine dream were written.

  • Andrew Mollitt – Jonny’s former Math teacher and founder of original Richmond Mavericks