Following the success of our first 2 seasons, we are limited in how many new players and teams we can realistically offer – don’t forget we have Friday night pick-up sessions (5:30-7pm at William Davie Park, beginning Sept 16th) and our competitive teams will be made up of the more talented players who demonstrate the Maverick mindset of enjoying hard work, camaraderie, and being a little different to the rest.  

Throughout the current 2022-23 season, we are willing to look at potential new players via attendance at a current training session.  If you are interested in seeing if the Mavs are a good fit for you, please contact Jonny Sinclair ( or 607-483-0251).  

The following age groups play in our competitive program:

  • Boys born 2010-14
  • Girls born 2010-12

Players are encouraged to attend Friday night pick up before the competitive practice sessions